The INITIATE project will advance the implementation of circular economy and industrial symbiosis by re-using residual steel gases as a resource for the cross-sectorial, more efficient and less wasteful manufacture of urea, at a significantly reduced carbon footprint.
Green Steel for Europe supports the EU towards achieving the 2030 climate and energy targets and the 2050 long-term strategy for a climate neutral Europe, with effective solutions for clean steelmaking. The project consortium, made up of 10 partners, relies on the best mix of skills and expertise and allows for full coverage of the EU Member States and steelmaking installations.
openENTRANCE (open ENergy TRansition ANalyses for a low-Carbon Economy) aims at developing, using and disseminating an open, transparent and integrated modelling platform for assessing low-carbon transition pathways in Europe. The openENTRANCE modelling platform will shed light on the implications and economic costs associated to the different energy pathways that Europe could take towards its climate goals. With this scientific basis, openENTRANCE aims at helping social, economic and political actors in a better decision making.
TRANSIENCE will undertake a comprehensive characterisation and assessment of circularity principles and measures vis-à-vis decarbonisation, by looking at the twin transition of European industries through the lenses of global competitiveness, innovation, and holistic sustainability.