Watch AMIGDALA’s Partners to present the AMIGDALA project and introduce the launching of the Community of Practice.

The webinars will be held in two parts:

  • A unique inaugural keynote with prestigious sponsors of the AMIGDALA Project to introduce the objectives and key milestones expected with the presence of A.SPIRE and several speakers. This inaugural keynote session will be hosted by TNO and Deloitte. 
  • A secondary session, will have a more specific and detailed input about the AMIGDALA project on D-framework, Model framework, Data and Scenario. Presentations will be done by some key AMIGDALA’s Partners, such as TNO, GreenDecision, Dechema and VITO.

JUNE 4, 2024

How can models of demand, trade and industrial production provide useful information for decision-making to make industrial production in Europe climate-neutral and competitive?

During this technical webinar, we presented how AMIGDALA would contribute to resolving industry and policy maker challenges in meeting Green Deal objectives. We (the consortium) presented AMIGDALA, including its objectives, approach, key milestones, and how you, as industrial associations, academics, or policymakers, could contribute through the new Community of Practice.


APRIL 9, 2024

AMIGDALA Project: Designing a digital twin to model the European process industry transformation to meet Green Deal Objectives