Alliance for modelling industries towards the
Green Deal’s objectives and circularity


AMIGDALA is a Horizon Europe project which seeks to facilitate decision-makers in governments and industry to define and evaluate pathways and market uptakes of transformative solutions for circular, climate neutral and competitive industries.

Through the use of common databases and integrated models that are internally consistent in policy and economic contexts, the project will contribute towards reaching Green-Deal sustainability objectives and circularity in an open and transparent way.


The overall objective of AMIGDALA is to assist government and industry decision-makers in defining and evaluating pathways toward circular, climate-neutral, and competitive industries, using common databases and integrated models aligned with the Green Deal’s sustainability objectives by:

  1. Developing an integrated modelling approach for the EU’s Intensive Energy sector.
  2. Addressing the lack of standardisation in model integration.
  3. Providing consistent and validated data to support climate objectives.
  4. Enhancing transparency and understanding between model results and decision-makers’ needs.
  5. Driving informed decisions towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.


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